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Meet Oswaldo Caleron!

This summer, our talented interns worked on a project to interview some of our best clients. They decided to call it the 'Day in the Life' series. Over the next few months, you will get to meet these clients through this video series.

The first video is of Oswaldo Calderon. Interns, Phoebe Stein and Becca Moore, filmed and produced this first video. Make sure you sign up for our online newsletter (just put your email into that box on the left-hand side) so you can receive updates on when the next video is released.

Video with Oswaldo | Our YouTube Channel

Long-Term Internship Positions Available

Do you like to travel? Do you want to help change someone's life?

PHPG is looking for motivated individuals who would like to help improve the lives of individuals in Nicaragua living on less than two dollars a day. We are looking for individuals who are interested in devoting an extended period of time to the projects, so that they may develop personal relationships with our clients. We ask for at least a four month commitment, although those who are here for a year or longer will obviously have a stronger connection to our clients.

While our internships are currently unpaid, PHPG has programs developed to help our interns fund raise in order to off-set the costs related to interning with us (i.e., room, board, and transportation). If you're interested in applying for this position, please fill out the internship application and send an email to Alex Tuck. Thanks!

Here's a link to a description of the position.